Travel Clinic UK is a specialist travel clinic dedicated to providing you with comprehensive travel health support. Our services include travel vaccinations, travel medication as well as detailed and specialist advice tailored to your travel plans.

Our clinic is staffed with dedicated professionals, most of whom are qualified registered Clinician, who are capable of dealing with complex itineraries for families, students, businessmen and women to give you the confidence that your travel plans will be as safe as possible...

Where are we?

Our clinics are based in convenient locations all with comfortable waiting areas and have wheelchair access.

Some clinics may not be suitable for wheelchair users or those who have difficulties using stairs. Please contact the customer services team for more information.

Mobile Clinic

Our specialist Clinician travel consultants can provide an in-house service saving your employees the time and hassle of having to leave the office. Please contact us for more information.

At Travel Clinic UK we can provide:

  • Confidential Pre-travel risk assessment by specialist trained professionals
  • Readily available appointments
  • Accessible clinics
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Travel advice, vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Cervical cancer vaccination service
  • Shingle vaccination service
  • Occupational health vaccines

Our Clinician providers ensure that the standards are maintained and adhered to. Our main focus of care is influenza and travel vaccinations. All our staff are experienced, equipped and trained to deliver high quality services. We continually work to develop and implement structures for monitoring and auditing standards of care that our clients receive. We have a complaints and feedback policy and work together with our clients for continual improvement.

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