To Vaccinate or not? Who do you believe, how do you choose?

Posted by Jackie Peck on 06 January 2020

To Vaccinate or not Who do you believe how do you choose

Healthcare Professionals must start to use the new methods of communication to target the “Unbalanced advice “ spread on healthcare issues such as Vaccines.

Young mothers with high profile Instagram accounts use their global profiles to share ant-vaccination stories and to cite one-sided accounts and books published by prominent voices campaigning for antivaccination.

The motivation of these influencers vary and Facebook has recently introduced tougher rules for users sharing anti-vaccination content. However, the content will be amended, amplified and shared on groups such as “WhatsApp”. The impact of this Fake or unbalanced advice is not insignificant and last year The World Health Organisation listed “ Vaccine hesitancy “ as one of its top ten threats to global health.

Urgent action is required as the UK has lost its “ Measles-free” status and there is an alarming resurgence of measles cases.

It is tragic if a young life is lost when a vaccination could have prevented it.