Posted by Ciaran Quigley on 28 February 2017


When booking a holiday most people would overlook Mongolia, but it is fast becoming a top holiday spot and even in the top 10 best places to visit in 2017!

After the massive expansion of the Mongol Empire in the 13th and 14th centuries, stretching from Japan all the way into Europe, there has been influences from many different cultures especially in their food!

For adventure seekers, there is the biggest desert in the world – The Gobi Desert.  Where you can trek across the sand dunes on foot, camel or Jeep.   The Gobi Desert is also fantastic for avid fossil hunters with some of the largest dinosaur footprints found, and even the fossilized remains of a Velociraptor locked in battle with the Protoceratops!  If you do plan to trek across the Gobi, please remember to prepare sensibly as you could go for days without seeing another human being. 

The cuisine is heavily influenced by Indian, Chinese and Mediterranean cultures where dishes are mainly based on meat and carbs to help the local population survive the harsh winters.  It’s recommended you try the Mongolian dumplings called Buuz, and even the Mongolian style of doughnuts called Boortsog which is used for desserts or dipped in tea. 

One event that should be on everyone’s to do list is the Naadam Festival in July.  Naadam literally means “the games” and is a festival celebrating Mongolian culture that happens in every village, town and city.  The three sports showcased are archery, wrestling and horse racing.  If sports aren’t your thing, then it is still worth going for the beautiful colorful traditional costumes worn by the Mongolian people and all the feasts!

Depending on your itinerary the vaccinations you may require for Mongolia are: Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus, Rabies, Tick-Borne Encephalitis and Typhoid.  Malaria is not usually present in Mongolia unless contracted abroad. 

If you do fancy a trip to Mongolia, why not give Travel Clinic UK a call on 01252 519479 or go online for all your travel health advice and vaccinations.