Posted by Ciaran Quigley  on 05 April 2017


Whilst most people have their Measles immunisation as a child, but for whatever reason, some people do not.  Most travellers are not aware of the risks of Measles when they go abroad but there have been several outbreaks across the world in the last few months.

Measles is spread through airborne droplets from person to person and is highly infectious.  Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent against Measles.  Whilst Measles is not generally fatal (2 or 3 per 1000 cases), it is a very unpleasant virus to have causing fever, malaise, conjunctivitis, diarrhoea, and pneumonia.

Measles doesn’t discriminate against locals or travellers, and does not recognise borders.  In recent months, there have been over 3000 cases in Romania, 700 cases in Italy, 29 cases in South Africa, and 70 in Belgium.  These are only a few of the current outbreaks listed and Measles doesn’t just happen in rural locations.  The cases in Italy have been in the major cities of Turin, Florence and Rome. 

Travellers that are most at risk, are those who will be mingling closely with the local population, especially those with children.  A recent case in Australia is of a family of four travelling to Bali and transporting the Measles back to their local community. 

If you do require the Measles vaccination for when you travel abroad or even if you are staying in the UK (over 500 cases were reported in the UK in 2016), give Travel Clinic a call on 01252 519479 or book online at