What can the Foreign & Commonwealth Office do for you?

Posted by Ciaran Quigley on 14 March 2017

What can the Foreign  Commonwealth Office do for you

Recently the Foreign & Commonwealth Office has released information on some very unusual calls they have received!  People asking for help to find a Chef to make haggis, how to help a cat with a sore paw, how to get English TV channels, and many others.

They also released data that most of the 385,000 calls they receive are genuine holiday makers needing help.  But do you know what the British Embassies and Consulates can do if you need help abroad?

They can provide aid if you have been a victim of crime, suffered physical or sexual assault but cannot investigate the crimes.  If you are ill in hospital they can contact friends and family back home but they will not be able to get you better medical treatment than what is given to the local population.   

If you are arrested or detained by local police, they will contact you as soon as possible and provide names and numbers for local lawyers but cannot get you released from prison or provide you with funding for your legal case.

Emergency travel documents can be issued if required but they cannot help you with Visa’s to enter a country or make travel arrangements for you. 

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office is there to help you in emergency situations abroad and please contact them if you need emergency help.  Always take the details of the local consulate or office with you when you travel just in case you do need them.  If you need assistance with English TV channels, more margaritas, or even for a pool side deck chair, it’s best you contact the hotel reception desk!

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