Flu Vaccination Service 2017 are you ready

Posted by Jackie Peck on 11 September 2017

Flu Vaccination Service 2017 are you ready

Have you started to provide this years’ service can you say you compliant?

Do you know what CPSIVAS and NHSCB are?

The amended directions were signed on the 29th of August 2017 by Jannette Howe, head of Pharmacy at the Department of health. Did you read them? Do you know when the expire?

The clinical governance that underpins this service should be in place as part of your essential services, are your SOPs up to date?  As a Superintendent Pharmacist or Responsible Pharmacist providing these services you should have read all the clinical governance SOPs and made sure that any areas of concern or that anything you do not understand are raised with the clinical governance lead if it is not you!

If you are the Superintendent then these essential SOPs should be reviewed annually or before the SOP expires or in response to a change in the Law, best practice or findings during a self- audit or external audit. In addition, the PGD and any new service directions should be read and digested. Once this is done, all the staff, must read the SOPs and you must let them know what part they play in the delivery of the service.

If you have other pharmacists helping you to deliver the service make sure you have the following in place:

  • Check the pharmacist is registered with GPhC
  • Check they have their CPPE declaration of compliance and have a copy in the pharmacy
  • Ensure the staff have all had their Hepatitis B injection
  • Ensure that the pharmacist has read all the essential services SOPs and the SOPs relevant for this service. If you do not know which SOPs these are contact info@pharmacyconsulting.co.uk
  • Ensure that they have read the PDG and service specification, and be aware of the patients who cannot receive the vaccination and why.
  • Remember only pharmacists can administer this service, if you hire a nurse practitioner then you need to register with CQC.
  • You must be sure the pharmacist skills are current and that they are competent
  • They know to inform the patients GP that the vaccination has taken place and report any clinical adverse drug reactions to the GP and if required the MHRA.
  • Understands the importance of cold chain integrity.
  • Keeps robust records including informed consent and the patient consent

 Make sure you are ready before starting the service.