Flu Season 2017

Posted by Megan Woodfine on 22 September 2017

Flu Season 2017

The cold mornings and  grey days have started, this can only mean one thing…… Flu season has arrived!

As you have probably seen on the news leading doctors in the NHS have predicted the worse Flu season in recent years. This comes shortly after Australia has announced a record breaking 70,000 cases of Flu in the recent weeks and New Zealand has announced this year to be the worst Flu season yet.

Having the Flu means time off work and missing social occasions, especially around Christmas. This can all be avoided by getting the Flu vaccine which costs only £20 per person, for the four-strain vaccine, at Travel Clinic UK.

Prepare early and book yourself and your family’s Flu vaccination appointment at Travel Clinic UK by going online to www.travelclinicuk.co.uk or phoning the customer service team on 01252 519479.