Dengue Fever

Posted by Ciaran Quigley on 01 March 2017

Dengue Fever

Fiji has recently seen 143 cases of Dengue Fever since the beginning of 2017 and all travellers should be aware of the risk of Dengue Fever whilst travelling through Fiji.

Dengue Fever is prevalent in Central and South America, Africa, South Asia, and the Pacific Islands and spread through mosquito bites.  Whilst severe dengue fever is not common in travellers, there is a mortality rate of 2.5% and recovery can take months. 

Symptoms to look out for are like flu; severe headaches, vomiting, fever over 38.5c, muscle and joint pain, bruising, and anorexia. 

A vaccine is not currently available in the UK but two are currently being trialled by the World Health Organisation in other places around the world.  Prevention of dengue fever is taken in the form of mosquito bite avoidance.  It is best to wear loose, light coloured clothing during the day that covers the skin, regularly using a mosquito repellent, use of mosquito nets at night, use of air conditioning if available, and avoiding areas of still and stagnant water. 

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms after travelling back from a Dengue Fever endemic area please contact your GP urgently.  

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